Beardo. Family man. Maker. Music guy. Player/coach. Organizer. Sponge. Curator. 

I never specialized. Never felt comfortable committing all my time to only one thing. Maybe it's a fear of commitment, but more likely it was a love of too many things to cultivate expertise in just one. l've always been interested in how things got made — how a website or film or festival or whatever, moves from an idea to the real world.  After nearly 20 years, my resume represents but a fraction of what I've done to move nebulous brainstorming into real-world execution. 

I've handled budgets over a million dollars and under one dollar, working with the same attention to detail and commitment to putting every resource where it is most needed. I've overseen the creation and execution of festivals, websites, short films, productions, live events, posters, books, signs, one-off events, conferences, magazines and online experiences. I produce things and experiences and most of them have had something to do with the Internet. 

I spent my early years writing and editing. Necessity led me to a print and digital design certification from NYU. I started to spreadsheet. Use project management software.  I was thrown into the event business. Started to create a solid network of vendors and creatives. I managed people and projects. I woke up and found myself in a key position at a great company that produces the most important award for the Internet in the world. I enjoy what I do now and have set myself up to enjoy what I do wherever and whenever. Life is good. No complaints. 

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